David invited me to join…

David invited me to join this thing. My own actual blog is languishing, so I don't know what I'll ever write here apart from "David invited me to join this thing." I adore David and have no idea why he called and left a voicemail apologizing for not having time to talk, given that it's, like, impossible for him to offend me. David is one of my favorite people, and I don't have a dozen of those.

David's right about one thing, this is the first decent WYSIWYG web editor I've ever seen.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll make this my reading list blog.


2 thoughts on “David invited me to join…

  1. Hi Phryd… I read your profile and speaking from experience never, ever leave California.  My partner and I had to move 5 years ago because his Mother had fallen ill.  We left Los Angeles and headed for Schenectady, NY. (Yes that’s correct Schenectady)  Naturally 2 years ago rather than going back to Los Angeles we moved to Nashville to be near my Mom.  Nashville is actually pretty Gay and a pretty kewl town (entertainment industry)…. but nothing can replace California.  I wonder if we will make it back before retirement.  And BTW… VOX is a rather enjoyable little tool I use to keep everyone on both coast up to date.  It’s the first blog site I haven’t walked away from after the initial newness wore off.  When in doubt just answer the QOTD (question of the day).  Give all the fellas in San Francisco a big hug for me.

  2. Yo Fred! Glad to see you here… Vox is the product that I’ve been working on for the last year; I was stoked to read that you like the WYSIWYG editor. I added the tag “vox” to your post so that we’ll find your comments. 

    Hope you’re doing well. Perhaps I’ll see you at the Fulsom St. Fair today. 🙂

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