Today’s top 10 Funky Winkerbean tropes

And now, today’s Funky Winkerbean trope list. Feel free to yell “Check!” after you read each one.

  1. Tone-deaf strip on a solemn holiday.
  2. Batominc misuses a literary technique (in media res) by abruptly abandoning rather than starting a story arc in the middle.
  3. Les whining about how hard writing is.
  4. Batominc doesn’t understand something (in this case, regression toward the mean).
  5. Batominc’s character who is an expert on the English language mangles a common phrase (“regressing back to the mean”).
  6. Cayla’s worried that Les’s procrastination will prevent the big Hollywood checks from rolling in.
  7. Prominent falling leaf because it’s fall, y’all!
  8. Grotesque rendering of the human arm and hand (panel 2, Les’s right arm & hand).
  9. Way too many motion lines (does Les suffer from Parkinsonism?).
  10. Character Moai (Cayla, panel 2).

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