I stumped Google’s Bacon number

Search Google for Bacon number an actor’s name, and it should give you the degrees of separation between that actor and Kevin Bacon. Example:

Bacon Number Humphrey Bogart

  1. Humphrey Bogart’s Bacon number is 3
    Peter Lorre and Jack Nicholson appeared in The Raven.

But it fails for young actor Ryan Lee, who appeared in Super 8, even though it correctly calculates the number for his costar Zach Mills.


QotD: It’s All In My Head

What movie can you quote by heart?
Submitted by clamhead.

Harold and Maude. Best. Movie. Ever.

Harold: Maude, do you pray?

Maude: Pray? (beat) No, I communicate!

Harold: With God?

Maude: (beat) No, with life!