About that Band-Box at Luigi’s in Akron, OH

The text below was originally a comment on this Son of Stuck Funky post. The Band-Box is actually kind of an interesting antique. The first paragraph is an aside about some really bad food photography.

On the main page of that ostensibly positive review of Luigi’s is the worst photograph of pizza in the history of photography. Or of pizza. That pizza looks bad, too: misshapen & overcooked, with cheese slopped over the edge of the dough, and nothing like the photos on the Luigi’s website. That review photo can’t possibly be representative of the real product, or there’s no way this place could have stayed in business since 1949.

Sadly, there is no Google street view of “short” North Main Street, and this is about as close as you can get.

The Band-Box seems to be quite a rare item (search for “band”)—there are only 2 in all of Canada, only one of which is viewable by the public. I wonder if the one at Luigi’s is functional. Although it doesn’t answer that question, Roadside America has an entry about Luigi’s Band-Box.

As it turns out, the Band-Box at Luigi’s has badly deteriorated (again, search for “band”): the original figures have been replaced by a Barbie and numerous Ken dolls, and no longer move.

By the way, it’s surprisingly hard to find information about the Band-Box on the main (Web) Google search results page. A search for “band-box music mechanical” (without the quotation marks) on the Google image search is how I found all the information about it above.

It turns out that the best way to have an interesting discussion about Funky Winkerbean is not to bring up the foreground action in Funky Winkerbean at all. And for that, I thank Google and the lovely bloggers and journalists referenced above.


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